Philips CPAP Cancer Information for Residents of Louisiana

FDA Philips Warning for BiPAP Cancer in Louisiana

Residents of Louisiana are just learning that Philips CPAP machines have been found to cause cancer and have been recalled across the globe as a result. A foam component found in Philips CPAP and bilateral PAP machines as well as life-supporting mechanical ventilators in use in Louisiana is prone to degradation over time and in certain environmental conditions. When the foam breaks down, toxic particles and gases are released into the device's airstream and enter the patient's airway. Louisiana patients who can stop using their machines immediately are advised to do so to avoid further exposure to the risk of Philips CPAP cancer. Lawyers handling Philips CPAP cancer lawsuits believe Louisiana persons and family members of Louisiana persons who have developed cancer or another serious side effect after using a machine from the Philips CPAP recall may be eligible for significant compensation. This page provides a comprehensive look at the Philips BiPAP cancer risks and warnings for Louisiana residents.

Louisiana Philips BiPAP FDA Warning Information

FDA Warns Louisiana Residents that Philips CPAPs, BiPAPs and Mechanical Ventilators Cause Cancer

Royal Philips, a multinational medical technology corporation based in the Netherlands manufactures a broad range of medical devices sold in Louisiana. This product line includes several different types of breathing machines used to treat sleep apnea and provide mechanical life support to Louisiana residents. Specifically, the devices included in the Philips CPAP cancer recall include CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines and BiPAP (bilateral positive airway pressure) machines for sleep apnea, as well as life-supporting mechanical ventilators--all of which may be in use in Louisiana.

When a foam part in Philips CPAP machines breaks down, toxic particles and gases are released into the device's airstream and enter the patient's airway. Louisiana patients who can stop using their machines immediately are advised to do so to avoid further exposure, according to the FDA Philips CPAP Cancer Warning.

The Louisiana public's first inkling of the Philips CPAP cancer risk was in April of 2021, when Philips first alluded to a "quality issue" that had been detected with some of its CPAP, BiPAP and mechanical ventilator machines in a shareholder communication. Prior to that announcement, Philips executives had received reports from the field citing a risk of Philips CPAP cancer from the machines. Patients were reportedly becoming ill when a foam component in the machine (used to minimize the machine's noise) began to break down.

FDA Philips BiPAP Cancer Warning Information for Louisiana

More than a month later, residents of Louisiana became more widely aware of the risk when Philips finally issued a global recall, citing the risk of cancer from Philips CPAP use. The Philips CPAP cancer recall concerned 3-4 million machines in use in Louisiana and worldwide, all of which included the foam component in question.

The part, which was referred to as "sound abatement foam", is made of PE-PUR, or polyester-based polyurethane. With age and exposure to environmental heat and dampness, the PE-PUR foam part can start to degrade, releasing toxic gases and small particles into the BiPAP machine's airflow. Persons in Louisiana using the machines inhale these dangerous particles and are put at risk for serious side effects including Louisiana CPAP cancer.

According to the Philips BiPAP cancer recall, exposure to chemical emissions has been found to cause the following adverse effects that may impact residents of Louisiana:

The factors that affect the breakdown of this foam substance to the point that Philips CPAP machines may cause cancer among patients in Louisiana include the passing of time, environmental heat and humidity, and the use of unapproved cleaning methods such as ozone.

Who can file a ventilator recall lawsuit?

Patients who have used one of more than twenty different types of breathing machines included in the Philips CPAP, BiPAP and ventilator recall and then developed cancer or another serious medical problem may be eligible to file a claim against the Dutch manufacturer. Click here to learn more.

The following devices are included in the Philips BiPAP cancer recall:

The FDA Philips CPAP cancer warning indicates that wherever possible, Louisiana patients utilizing the recalled devices should be moved to a different machine.

Persons in Louisiana Using Philips CPAP or BiPAP Sleep Apnea Machines at Risk for Cancer

The majority of the devices included in the BiPAP / CPAP cancer recall are CPAP or bilateral PAP machines used to treat sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder that affects countless people in Louisiana, putting approximately 20 million Americans at risk for stroke, heart problems and premature death. Sleep apnea machines dramatically improve sleep and reduce possible health risks for Louisiana residents. The problem with Philips sleep apnea machines is that many have been found to cause cancer. In other words, patients in Louisiana who are using these devices to reduce their exposure to one set of serious health problems, are now learning they have potentially been exposed to toxic and cancer-causing chemicals each and every night.

FDA Philips CPAP Cancer Warning Info for Louisiana

Countless patients in Louisiana have relied on Philips CPAP machines for sleep apnea over the course of many years or even decades with no warning of the CPAP cancer risk from Philips sleep apnea machines. The Philips CPAP cancer warning indicates that anyone in Louisiana who is still using a recalled Philips CPAP machine or bilateral PAP machine halt use of the device immediately due to the Philips CPAP cancer risk.

Philips Mechanical Ventilators Put Louisiana Residents at Risk of Cancer

Of the 3-4 million devices included in the Philips cancer recall, 20% are life-supporting mechanical ventilators. While especially vital in the ongoing global fight against COVID-19, mechanical life supporting ventilators have long been an essential medical device that enables life-saving surgeries and healing time for the most severely ill or injured patients in Louisiana. It is horrifying to learn this vital piece of equipment used with the most vulnerable Louisiana patients actually emits toxic and cancer-causing gases and particles.

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Philips CPAP Cancer Lawsuits for Louisiana Residents

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