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Phillips NV Claims That A Third-Party Cleaning Solution Is The Cause Of Their Sound Abatement Foam Degrading | 10/14/2021

Phillips faces a $200 million lawsuit after blaming their products malfunction on the manufacturers of a third-party cleaning solution...READ MORE

The US Attorney General Is Concerned Phillips Is Failing To Deliver a Timely CPAP Solution | 10/11/2021

The AG criticized Phillips and the FDA for a lack of transparency he says puts patients' lives at risk. ...READ MORE

A Sleep Apnea Doctor Offers Sound Advice For Patients In The Wake Of The Phillips CPAP Recall | 10/5/2021

Phillips CPA customers should consult their doctor before restarting using their sleep apnea machine...READ MORE

Sleep Apnea Problems Continue For Millions Affected By The CPAP recall | 9/29/2021

Users of the recalled Phillips CPAP devices need information on ways to continue to treat their condition ...READ MORE

Phillips DreamStation CPAP Turns Into a Nightmare For Millions of Users | 9/27/2021

Phillip's offer to repair and replace their Dream Station and other CPAP models may be too late as users are not likely to trust the company again ...READ MORE

Phillips CPAP DreamStation Cancer Could Go Undetected For A Decade | 9/23/2021

The longer sleep apnea machine patients wait to have lung cancer screening, the less likely the disease can be treated successfully ...READ MORE

The Phillips Sleep Apnea Device Recall Includes Both Life-Supporting and Non-Life Supporting Models | 9/17/2021

Staying up to date with the latest information will help Phillips CPAP owners make informed decisions ...READ MORE

Phillips CPAP Stockholders Were Tipped Off About CPAP Failures More Than A Month Before Millions of Users | 9/14/2021

Phillips failed to warn their customer for forty-five days after they warned stockholders about their machine's malfunctions. ...READ MORE

The Phillips Sleep Apnea Machine Recall And Replace Affects Mostly US Owners | 9/9/2021

Users of the Phillips DreamStation could face a medical nightmare and should see a lung cancer specialist immediately ...READ MORE

Phillips CPAP Sleep Apnea Device Recall Will Begin Soon But Could Take One Year To Complete | 9/6/2021

Millions of users could have permanent lung damage from inhaling toxic particles, gasses, and chemicals ...READ MORE

Phillips CPAP Users May Have A Replacement Device Coming Within The Next Several Months | 9/1/2021

In the meantime former users might want to make several positive lifestyle changes to help reduce the effects of the condition ...READ MORE

FDA Recall Classification of Phillips CPAP Devices Is The One Reserved For The Most Worrisome Medical Devices | 8/26/2021

The FDA has identified the Phillips CPAP recall as a Class I recall, the most serious type reserved for devices that may cause serious injuries or death ...READ MORE

Charities Re-Purpose Non-Essential Sleep Apnea Machines Into Covid-19 Ventilators | 8/24/2021

Those who do not need their Phillips CPAP machine are sending them to charities to help save lives in other countries ...READ MORE

The Life or Death Demand Created By The Delta Variant Of Covid-19 Magnifies The Need For Safe Ventilators | 8/20/2021

The FDA advises critical needs Coronavirus patients to continue to use recalled Phillips CPAP machines despite the cancer risks ...READ MORE

Former Phillips CPAP Users May Not Get A Replacement For Months | 8/18/2021

The FDA has gone on record as saying that the malfunctions of the Phillips CPAP machines are life-threatening ...READ MORE

You May Have Sleep Apnea And Not Know It | 8/16/2021

Sleep apnea patients usually fail to recognize their condition ...READ MORE

Lawsuits Are Being Filed By People That Have Developed Cancer From Using The Phillips Sleep Apnea Device | 8/11/2021

More than one dozen lawsuits claim that using the Phillips Sleep Apnea machine caused them to develop cancer or other serious lung problems ...READ MORE

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