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Results of Phillips-Funded Studies Call The Use of Ozone Cleaning Products Into Question | 7/20/2022

Studies of recalled CPAP machines have found that foam degradation is 14 times more likely when using Ozone cleaning products...READ MORE

Phillips CPAP Malfunctions And Using An Ozone Cleaning Solution May Go Hand In Hand | 7/10/2022

Lawsuits accuse each other of causing the sleep apnea devices foam to dissolve into a toxic stew...READ MORE

SoClean Cleaning Solution Is Accused Of Being Unsafe And May Have Contributed To Phillips CPAP Malfunction | 7/2/2022

A class-action lawsuit could help Phillips Respironics share responsibility for causing cancer to CPAP users...READ MORE

Bloomberg Alleges Phillips Knew Of The Health Hazards From Sound Abatement Foam Years Before The CPAP Recall | 6/14/2022

The manufacturer of sleep apnea devices failed to warn customers for three years after first discovering their machine was defectively designed...READ MORE

The FDA Is Recalling 55,000 Ventilators Made By Phillips Respironica | 6/7/2022

The Phillips V60 ventilators join their complete line of sleep apnea machines as those being recalled because they can cause permanent health damage or death...READ MORE

Phillips Respironics Sleep Apnea Machine Recall Falls Far Short Of Expectations | 6/3/2022

Royal Phillips is now being called out onto the carpet by the Dutch government where they are headquartered to step up international recall efforts...READ MORE

People Are Dying From Cancer And Suing Phillips Respironics For Negligence Leading To Personal Injury | 5/24/2022

Lawsuits allege Phillips had an obligation to know that their sound abatement foam could deteriorate and that toxic particles could travel into the user's airway...READ MORE

A Wrongful Death Lawsuit Claims The Foam Manufacturer Is Liable For Using Substandard Material | 5/9/2022

The maker of the foam that degraded into a deadly carcinogen will have to defend themselves in the death of an Oregon sleep apnea patient...READ MORE

A Wrongful Death Lawsuit Claims The Foam Manufacturer Is Liable For Using Substandard Material | 5/9/2022

The maker of the foam that degraded into a deadly carcinogen will have to defend themselves in the death of an Oregon sleep apnea patient...READ MORE

Sleep Apnea Patients From The Cleveland Clinic Want To Know When To Expect Their DreamStation Sleep Apnea Machine Replacement | 4/28/2022

Sleep doctors at the Cleveland Clinic who prescribed sleep apnea machines are concerned for their patients who have been without the device for over a year...READ MORE

Unapproved Ozone Cleaning Contraptions May Be A More Likely Cause of CPAP Airway Contamination | 4/20/2022

Continuous Positive Airway (CPAP) machines are a life-saving breakthrough medical device providing millions of people a solid 8-hour night's sleep and many benefits the next day ...READ MORE

Phillips CPAP Lawsuits Allege The Machine Causes Varying Degrees of Respiratory Illnesses | 4/5/2022

Some former Phillips DreamStation users have developed life-threatening respiratory conditions as serious as lung cancer...READ MORE

Medical Device Suppliers Are Filing Phillips CPAP Sleep Apnea Lawsuits | 3/29/2022

The retailers claim to have lost millions by being left in the dark about the Phillips CPAP recall and other warnings...READ MORE

The US Food And Drug Administration Considers The Phillips CPAP Recall Efforts To Be Ineffective | 3/18/2022

The number of CPAP patients that are unaware of the recall prompted an FDA warning letter to be sent to Phillips...READ MORE

Phillips Respironics May Not Have A Suitable Solution To Their Defective Sleep Apnea Devices | 2/25/2022

Former Phillips CPAP users may be better off spending the money and replacing the Phillips brand of sleep apnea machine with a more reputable brand...READ MORE

Phillips Telling Patients To Consult With Their Physicians Before Discontinuing Using The Recalled Sleep Apnea Device | 2/21/2022

Phillips has recently changed their guidance on using the recalled medical device causing confusion ...READ MORE

US Government Regulators Acknowledge The Serious Nature Of The Phillips CPAP Cancer Recall With Class 1 Recall | 2/11/2022

Phillips CPAP attorneys have filed suit on behalf of their clients who have died, allegedly from using the Phillips CPAP sleep apnea machine...READ MORE

Phillips Respironics And SoClean Inc. May Have To Share Responsibility For CPAP User Cancer | 2/7/2022

Both companies accuse the other of being responsible for the chemical degradation of the CPAP device sound abatement foam...READ MORE

Phillips Respironics Waited Too Recall Sleep Apnea Machines And Their Customers Died As A Result | 2/2/2022

If Phillips Respironics recalled their sleep apnea machines when they were informed of problems years ago lives may have been saved...READ MORE

The FDA Thinks The Phillips CPAP Machines May Lead To Developing Deadly Forms of Cancer | 1/28/2022

The FDA's Type 1 recall is seldom issued and reserved for only the most critical product negligence situations...READ MORE

The FDA Tells CPAP Users That SoClean Ozone Cleaning Solutions Are Not Legally Marketed | 1/14/2022

Class action lawsuits blame the SoClean Ozone cleaning solution for causing the Phillips CPAP problems...READ MORE

Sleep Apnea May Affect Millions More Than Those Using CPAP Devices | 1/10/2022

Most people with sleep apnea do not use a CPAP machine to treat their chronic heavy snoring condition...READ MORE

Phillips Delayed The CPAP Recall Until Another Device Could Be Sold To Consumers | 1/4/2022

Phillips was aware of complaints and delayed recalling their defective devices until one without the sound abatement foam could be marketed...READ MORE

FDA Accusations Of A Coverup Will Be Hard For Phillips To Dismiss | 12/29/2021

Phillips knew since at least 2016 that their sleep apnea devices may elicit particles, gasses, and chemicals that could cause cancer...READ MORE

A Women Allegedly Developed Breast Cancer From Using The Phillips CPAP Sleep Apnea Machine | 12/22/2021

Philips and its North American subsidiaries sold a dangerous product for individuals with sleep apnea,...READ MORE

Phillips And SoClean May Be Forced To Share Legal Responsibility For Failing To Warn Consumers | 12/16/2021

It appears that the SoClean Ozone cleaning solution exacerbated an already inherently defective CPAP machine's noise abatement foam...READ MORE

Royal Phillips Versus SoClean Inc. Could Determine The Outcome Of DreamStation CPAP Lawsuits | 12/1/2021

Phillips Inc. and others think that the SoClean Ozone Cleaning Solution is the cause of the machine's noise abatement foam degradation...READ MORE

Recalled Phillips Sleep Apnea Devices Could Approach 15 Million Units Or More | 11/24/2021

In 2015, Phillips failed to investigate reports one of their units were repairing foam degradation of Trilogy Ventilators...READ MORE

Sleep Apnea Patients Look To Replace Their Recalled Phillips CPAP Machine Since Phillips Seems Incapable | 11/17/2021

Millions of Americans have been going to bed over the last few months without their necessary sleep apnea device because they are afraid to use it. ...READ MORE

Ozone Cleaning Products Are Not FDA Approved And May Be Responsible For CPAP Foam Insulation Breakdown | 11/12/2021

Philips is recommending that customers and patients do not use ozone cleaning products on sleep apnea machines...READ MORE

CPAP Plaintiffs Suffer Anxiety From Not Knowing How Severe Their Lung Problems May Be | 11/8/2021

The list of breathing problems allegedly caused by the Phillips CPAP sleep apnea machines is growing...READ MORE

New Lawsuits Allege CPAP User Developed Pancreatic Cancer From Using the DreamStation CPAP device | 11/1/2021

Millions of Americans may be unaware of the problems with the DreamStation sleep apnea machines and continue to use them...READ MORE

Sleep Apnea Patients Continue To Use Their CPAP Device Because They Are Unable To Function The Next Day Without It | 10/27/2021

Getting a good night's rest is more important than it sounds when the person has to function at a high level at work or play every day...READ MORE

Problems Mount For Royal Phillips From Multiple Sources Over CPAP Machine Malfunctions | 10/23/2021

Customers, businesses, and the US government are pressuring Phillips to take responsibility and repair or replace CPAP machines immediately...READ MORE

Royal Phillips Battles SoClean For Responsibility In Causing Lung Disease And Disorders | 10/19/2021

Lung problems and difficulty breathing may be the result of the SoClean ozone solution....READ MORE

Phillips NV Claims That A Third-Party Cleaning Solution Is The Cause Of Their Sound Abatement Foam Degrading | 10/14/2021

Phillips faces a $200 million lawsuit after blaming their products malfunction on the manufacturers of a third-party cleaning solution...READ MORE

The US Attorney General Is Concerned Phillips Is Failing To Deliver a Timely CPAP Solution | 10/11/2021

The AG criticized Phillips and the FDA for a lack of transparency he says puts patients' lives at risk. ...READ MORE

A Sleep Apnea Doctor Offers Sound Advice For Patients In The Wake Of The Phillips CPAP Recall | 10/5/2021

Phillips CPA customers should consult their doctor before restarting using their sleep apnea machine...READ MORE

Sleep Apnea Problems Continue For Millions Affected By The CPAP recall | 9/29/2021

Users of the recalled Phillips CPAP devices need information on ways to continue to treat their condition ...READ MORE

Phillips DreamStation CPAP Turns Into a Nightmare For Millions of Users | 9/27/2021

Phillip's offer to repair and replace their Dream Station and other CPAP models may be too late as users are not likely to trust the company again ...READ MORE

Phillips CPAP DreamStation Cancer Could Go Undetected For A Decade | 9/23/2021

The longer sleep apnea machine patients wait to have lung cancer screening, the less likely the disease can be treated successfully ...READ MORE

The Phillips Sleep Apnea Device Recall Includes Both Life-Supporting and Non-Life Supporting Models | 9/17/2021

Staying up to date with the latest information will help Phillips CPAP owners make informed decisions ...READ MORE

Phillips CPAP Stockholders Were Tipped Off About CPAP Failures More Than A Month Before Millions of Users | 9/14/2021

Phillips failed to warn their customer for forty-five days after they warned stockholders about their machine's malfunctions. ...READ MORE

The Phillips Sleep Apnea Machine Recall And Replace Affects Mostly US Owners | 9/9/2021

Users of the Phillips DreamStation could face a medical nightmare and should see a lung cancer specialist immediately ...READ MORE

Phillips CPAP Sleep Apnea Device Recall Will Begin Soon But Could Take One Year To Complete | 9/6/2021

Millions of users could have permanent lung damage from inhaling toxic particles, gasses, and chemicals ...READ MORE

Phillips CPAP Users May Have A Replacement Device Coming Within The Next Several Months | 9/1/2021

In the meantime former users might want to make several positive lifestyle changes to help reduce the effects of the condition ...READ MORE

FDA Recall Classification of Phillips CPAP Devices Is The One Reserved For The Most Worrisome Medical Devices | 8/26/2021

The FDA has identified the Phillips CPAP recall as a Class I recall, the most serious type reserved for devices that may cause serious injuries or death ...READ MORE

Charities Re-Purpose Non-Essential Sleep Apnea Machines Into Covid-19 Ventilators | 8/24/2021

Those who do not need their Phillips CPAP machine are sending them to charities to help save lives in other countries ...READ MORE

The Life or Death Demand Created By The Delta Variant Of Covid-19 Magnifies The Need For Safe Ventilators | 8/20/2021

The FDA advises critical needs Coronavirus patients to continue to use recalled Phillips CPAP machines despite the cancer risks ...READ MORE

Former Phillips CPAP Users May Not Get A Replacement For Months | 8/18/2021

The FDA has gone on record as saying that the malfunctions of the Phillips CPAP machines are life-threatening ...READ MORE

You May Have Sleep Apnea And Not Know It | 8/16/2021

Sleep apnea patients usually fail to recognize their condition ...READ MORE

Lawsuits Are Being Filed By People That Have Developed Cancer From Using The Phillips Sleep Apnea Device | 8/11/2021

More than one dozen lawsuits claim that using the Phillips Sleep Apnea machine caused them to develop cancer or other serious lung problems ...READ MORE

Lawyers for CPAP Cancer Lawsuits

We will represent all persons in involved in a BiPAP or CPAP cancer lawsuit on a contingency basis, meaning there are never any legal fees unless we win compensation in your case. Anyone who developed cancer or another serious side effect as a result of using a Philips CPAP sleep apnea machine or ventilator in --or is a family member of such a person--is eligible to receive a free, no-obligation case review from our attorneys. Simply contact our firm through the online contact form or the chat feature and one of our Philips BiPAP cancer lawyers serving will contact you promptly to discuss your case.

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